What is Generic Cialis?

The original Cialis was manufactured by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. The drug is used to combat male sexual problems such as: erectile dysfunction and male impotence. The active ingredient improves the ability to maintain a stable erection in order to have a satisfying sexual act. The remedy has conquered the world of men, because its action lasts 36 hours. After the patent for the original Cialis expired on November 15, 2017, other drug companies have obtained permission to use the molecular formula to create the identical drugs. Generic Tadalafil is the economical alternative to the original product with the same active ingredient as Tadalafil. Generic Cialis works in the same way as a brand-name drug and provides the same effect, only less time, money, equipment and healthcare professionals are required to produce it. The manufacturing company buys the ready-made formula of the original remedy and creates an identical drug, which is called the generic. The only difference between original Cialis and generic Cialis is the price. Generic Cialis costs less than original Cialis. For those who want to save money and buy generic Cialis in France at an unbeatable price, our good-salute.net pharmacy has the best offer and discounts for constant customers.